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7) Transatlantic flight June 10-11, 2014. Me and my iPad at the window, seat 37A.

6) Berlin! We're about six hours by train or car from Berlin (or an hour by plane), and we've made several trips there in the last four years. We're lucky to have two Berliners in the family: Markus' sister, Christina, and her husband, Peter. They know their way around, and they're fun to hang out with (even though the last thing a native wants to do in Berlin is act like a "Touri"). I've put together photos from a trip we took in August, 2012. This slide show barely opens the book on Berlin, but it's a nice start.

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5) The Chinese Garden in Stuttgart, visited on April 17, 2014. Markus and I drove to Stuttgart yesterday to visit his parents over coffee. Heading over Killesberg toward their apartment, we passed the clean white wall with cut-out windows and distinctive grey tile ledge, and I remembered how much I love the Chinese Garden, perched on the rocks between the expensive homes built into the steep hill. After coffee, we took a walk over, passing lavender bushes in full bloom. None of the graceful wisteria draped along balconies could match the stunning bush at the entrance to the garden, though. A magnificent day to visit this garden! And it brings back memories. I've included two photos from 1998 when we took Simon (19 months old) to the garden.

4) A visit to Simon's grave in Salt Lake City on June 3, 2013. One of the many reasons Salt Lake City was hard to leave behind is Simon's grave. We laid an onyx urn with his ashes to rest at Mt. Olivet Cemetery on August 28, 2004. For four years we visited an unmarked spot under a weeping birch tree, taking fallen branches from the birch to cover the grave and mark our visits. It took us those four years to decide on and commission the sculpture, erected on August 6, 2008 by artist Chris Coleman. Another two years later, under the pressure of our departure for Germany, we chose the stone and words for Simon's grave marker, installed in July 2010.

Direct link to Picasa album for Simon's grave

3) Burg Hornberg in Neckarzimmern on the Neckar River. Photos from October 2011 and September 2012. These photos relate to the July 31, 2013 posting about Götz von Berlichingen. This castle was his final home in the 15th century.

Direct link to Picasa album for Burg Hornberg

2) A visit to Burg Weibertreu in Weinsberg, Germany, March 20, 2011. Click on the image to open the Picasa page, where you can view the show in full screen. Make sure you start with photo number 1 and read the captions so you can follow the narrative. (You may want to set the timer there to about 7 seconds to have enough time for reading.)

Direct link to Picasa album for Burg Weibertreu

1) Photos from the wine harvest in Flein, Germany (September-October 2010). Click on the image to open the Picasa page, where you can view the show in full screen.

Direct link to Picas album for wine harvest

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