collaborative poem with Judith Roney published by Burning House Press and selected by February 2019 guest editor Adrianna Robertson on the theme of The Mind as Prison & Asylum. Judith and I collaborated as members of the Poetry Barn community on an "exquisite corpse" (a turn-taking game). She sent out the opening lines as an invitation, and I accepted the "challenge" by being the first to respond. We went back and forth for a total of 11 times. After a few turns, we settled on a tercet form and arrived at the 10 stanzas that appear in the final poem. Judith submitted our poem along with several of her own, and ours appears as the third one in a set called Three Poems by Judith Roney.
Dear Hope, Although
poem in the Poetry Distillery for poems that emerge within the Poetry Barn community (where I've been taking poetry courses since November 2015).
Face card
poem in the Mom Egg Review's Vox Mom Blog for February 2016, curated by Sharon Dolin (my Barcelona poetry teacher). More info

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"Objects of My Attention" in issue 83 of Quarterly West
Winner of the 2014 Writers at Work Fellowship in literary nonfiction (selected by Robin Hemley)

This I Believe radio essay: Apprenticed to Hope broadcast on May 12, 2008 on KUER in Salt Lake City

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